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Painting and Marking

All kinds of BFS drums can be painted inside and outside. 
The customer can choose among a large variety of colours. For external painted drums, the Customer can choose a composition of different colours.
The internal painting can be of two different kinds:

  • Phenolic 
  • Epoxyphenolic

These kinds of paints are suitable for internal painting of drums able to contain the following aggressive (corrosive) substances:
Solvent, mineral and vegetal oils, several chemical products having a acid corrosive action.

These paints are resistant to many substances, the most important are:

  • Gasoline > 100 Double Rubs
  • Ethanol > 100 Double Rubs
  • Concentrated soda > 100 Double Rubs
  • Hydrochloric acid1N > 100 Double Rubs 
  • Hot water (500h full dipping) FILM untouched 
  • Soda at 10%(500h full dipping) FILM untouched

Thanks to its chemical inertia, these paints can be used for the internal painting of drums able to contain food.

On Customer request, the drum can be endowed with an Identification Mark.